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On May 8th the Team T Foundation delivered “bags of hope” to the women cancer patients at Duke University Hospital. Team T Foundation President Nick Overcash had the following to say about how it went:

“It was an awesome experience helping out with the bags. We were able to speak to about half of the patients (some were sleeping, some were sick) but the overall feedback was really amazing. Two patients really stood out. Both were older. One of them had AML like Tamara and asked us to share our story about the disease with her. Overall, it was just a nice gesture to give to total strangers.”

The third part of our mission statement reads, “Help those who are presently suffering by making life a little easier on the 9th floor at Duke Hospital, where Tamara spent much of the last¬†nine months of her life.” These bags were a small gesture on our part, but they made a big impact on at least several of these women. It’s a great feeling to be a part of something that’s doing things to help others and we want to thank all our donors for your gifts that have allowed us to do things like this.

There were several people that donated specifically for this purpose. We want to give you a special thanks for helping to make the “bags of hope” such a success:

  • Allison Price for putting the bags together
  • Christine Denton Barrueco for donating Mary Kay bags
  • Jill Markijohn (Handmade JILLry) for donating beautiful heart necklaces
  • Amy Hendershott for donating a variety of items (including word search books, sticky notes, lotions, playing cards, etc.)
  • Adrienne Austin Sweeney for donating some nice Thirty-One bags
  • Wanda Payne for donating inspirational homemade get well cards


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Established to honor the memory and continue the fight of, our beloved wife, daughter, mother, sister, and friend Tamara Ann Loan Overcash.


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