Testimonial: Tiffany Atkinson

The blog post today is an excerpt from an email we received from Tiffany Atkinson, a recreational therapist at Duke. It is a testimonial that shows how we are making a difference in the lives of the patients on the 9th floor at Duke Hospital. We hope to provide more testimonials like this in the future.

My name is Tiffany Atkinson.  Kristy Everette (Coordinator of Oncology Recreation Therapy) shared with me that you have been keeping in touch about how the Team T Foundation has positively impacted the patients we work with here at Duke.  I wanted to touch base with you to also become a contact/resource and provide input on how the efforts of Team T have helped our patients.  I saw firsthand the day Team T brought the goodie bags (Bags of Hope) to the ladies of 9100, allowing them a chance to pamper themselves.

An awesome story I wanted to share from just a few weeks ago in reference to the iPads.  I had a patient who was very ill, unfortunately nearing end of life, who had family overseas in England.  His daughter and grandchildren were unable to travel to the US to see him, so we used the iPads to skype with his family!  Afterwards his wife came to me and was just so thankful for the opportunity they had to see them.  It was very touching to be able to provide that type of experience.   All thanks to Team T!

Thanks for all you guys do. I’ll keep you updated.

Tiffany Atkinson, MS, LRT/CTRS
Oncology Recreation Therapy
Duke University Medical Center

Thank you to all our generous donors for making this possible! In the very near future we will be doing some more stuff for the patients at Duke so stay tuned to the website and our social media platforms for updates.

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